Continuous testing is "The New QA". Software engineering needs have changed and so have the methods of quality assurance. But throughout the industry, the practitioners are finding it difficult to match up testing with the development velocity. The answer is continuous QA through extensive test automation. Mytri Tech's continuous QA services help our clients release their products to the market faster, enhance ROI and win.

We help you -

  • Find issues earlier : In the SDLC, issues can be found and fixed quicker because developers can QA their own code.
  • Go to market faster : We help you achieve faster release cycles. Automated testing saves a huge amount of time. QA is now part of the build - not something done manually after its pushed to a QA environment.
  • Improve code quality : You can test everything on every build.
  • Reduce risk : You know your code is good with every build.


Why US

Our Service offering :

  • Build and implement CI/CD pipeline / infrastructure
  • Automated Acceptance tests
  • Agile testing
  • Manual functional tests
  • Performance and Security testing



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